Clementine as a group process facilitator: 

I am a Black feminist who loves to support teams, organisations and communities as they create stronger connections through well handled conflict. I mentor, coach and counsel individuals in dynamic and need-based mode. I speak English, German, Italian, French, Krio and Patwa

In partnership with Jamie Schearer we offer consultancy services to organisations who want to manage a changing, diverse workforce and to serve a diverse public. We train groups of up to 40 people.

Our values are social justice and kindness, our practices are listening, reflective speech, and we deeply believe in taking responsibility for our actions.

We pay special attention to how (changing) phsyical and mental abilities, sexuality, gender, nationality, education, class may affect people’s experiences at work and in world. We use a mixture of written inputs, group, individual and small group exercises, communication training, and body work.



My Experience

Public sector consulting, process consulting -2003  2019 (EC, GIZ) 

Anti Racism and Black Consciousness Co-Trainer at Phoenix E.V.  2018-Present

Project Coordination, Training, Migration Council Berlin  02. 2015- 06.2019


Supported 20 community organisations better to serve queer, inter and trans refugees and migrants in communities of colour across Germany, contacts to organisations and  communities of colour in Netherlands 

Yekmal  e.V (Kurdish Parents Organisation) September 2016 – May 2019 

My Education

Diploma in Process-oriented Psychology UK (ongoing)

The Relationship School, Boulder Colorado: Studies in Human Development Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationship, Peer Mentoring, Coaching 10-2017-12.2018 

M.Sc. Hons. Applied Linguistics


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