Clementine as a group process facilitator: 

I am a Black feminist who loves to support visionary leadership in teams. I work with organisations and communities to help them create stronger connections through well handled conflict.

I frame power relations in groups, through history, culture and identity. My work is anti-racist, decolonial and intersectional.  I hold space in group processes for people who experience structural exclusion and may also carry trauma.

Each team is unique but when things get difficult, I see common patterns of  anger, hurt and harm. When needed I offer group healing sessions. Most groups benefit from clear agreements about how they want to work together. I show how teams can clean up messy communication so people can put their energy back into doing the job they really want to do.

I mentor, coach and counsel people in teams. I help individuals to clarify their goals, needs, and boundaries. We practice so they can catch the moment when a boundary is crossed, and they can say “Hey,  that’s not ok.” or “Look, this is how I want to be treated.”

Conflict Mediation

I offer 90m zoom sessions for up to 10 people. My approach assumes that all in the conversation:

have an interest to be in the conversation.

are willing to listen and to look at their own part in the conflict.

are willing to say what they need from the mediation process.

Training for Organisations

In partnership with Jamie Schearer I offer consultancy services to organisations who want to manage a changing, diverse workforce and to serve a diverse public. We train groups of up to 40 people.

Our values are social justice and kindness, our practices are listening, reflective speech, and we deeply believe in taking responsibility for our actions.

We pay special attention to how (changing) phsyical and mental abilities, sexuality, gender, nationality, education, class may affect people’s experiences at work and in world. We use a mixture of written inputs, group, individual and small group exercises, communication training, and body work.

My Experience

Public sector consulting, process consulting -2003  2019 (EC, GIZ, OSIFE, Front Line Defenders, Transgender Europe, Sankofa Kita e.V,)

Anti Racism and Black Consciousness Co-Trainer at Phoenix E.V.  2018-Present

Lead Trainer at WOOP Leadership Programme for non-binary, trans and cis women of colour

Tai chi and qi gong student and practitioner since 2014

Project Coordination, Training, Migration Council Berlin02. 2015- 06.2019


Supported 20 community organisations better to serve queer, inter and trans refugees and migrants in communities of colour across Germany, contacts to organisations and  communities of colour in Netherlands 

Yekmal  e.V (Kurdish Parents Organisation) September 2016 – May 2019 

My Education

I have seen the impacts of systems of oppression (racism, sexism, the gender binary, the obsession with perfect bodies and 100% productivity cukture)  at multiple levels. I want to work with conflict in the world, in the community and in interpersonal relationships. I have done a one year course to facilitate groups with an understanding of the psychological and social impacts that systems of oppression have on participants. The group process facilitation training complements the intimate relationship work I have done with amazing people, especially Jayson Gaddis and Dagmar Schultz at The Relationship School.com

The Relationship School, Boulder Colorado: Studies in Human Development Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationship, Peer Mentoring, Coaching 10-2017-12.2018 

M.Sc. Hons. Applied Linguistics, (Manchester University)

BA Hons Media, English (Strathclyde University, Scotland)

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