Sustaining Activist Coalitions

Tools for Sustainable Activism How do your needs, skills, intersections and capacities match the (activist/artistic...all the kinds of) work you are already doing? How can you live a sustainable activist life and still serve your chosen community? Are you allowed to stop? The world is burning. Yes, but can you take a breath? Can you go... Continue Reading →

Perspectives on a More Plural Europe

The "Perspectives on a More Plural Europe” panel explores different political desires, concepts and perspectives that might shape an EU built on the mutual recognition of its people and regions. Moderated by sociologist Aleksandra Lakic, the panel invites lawyer Anna Hankings-Evans, musician Rana Farahani, and writer and community organizer Clementine Ewokolo Burnley to examine the idea of... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

As a child I veered between loud and silent, bounce and flop. I was an introvert who acted like an extrovert. I had been homeschooled and then we'd moved towns. As a result of all these things I wasn't very popular. I had thought sporadically about Writing, usually when people said. You always seem to... Continue Reading →

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