Sustaining Activist Coalitions

Tools for Sustainable Activism

How do your needs, skills, intersections and capacities match the (activist/artistic…all the kinds of) work you are already doing?

How can you live a sustainable activist life and still serve your chosen community?

Are you allowed to stop? The world is burning. Yes, but can you take a breath?

Can you go into conflict, speak your truth and preserve or strengthen the relationships that you value? Is that even possible?

If you want to manage your energy in a healthy way and improve your relationships, learn to listen. Sound simple? It’s actually quite hard to have people feel soothed, taken seriously and understood.

And unless you are able to make people do what you want by brute or subtle force (eeek!), you cannot build a coalition without good listening.

Since 2017 I have been learning from Jayson Gaddis and the people at The Relationship School

In 2018 during a 9 month programme called DPIR (Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationship aong many other things I learned how to listen. Now when people talk I try not to Fix, Rescue, Criticise, Advise, or Kill other people’s experiences.

Listening well 

Blog post:Jayson Gaddis on Elephant Journal
Podcast:People who suck at listening
Podcast: Jayson Gaddis + Lisa Dion
Podcast: Boundaries as a Relationship Tool
Podcast: Jayson Gaddis and Terri Cole


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