Perspectives on a More Plural Europe

The “Perspectives on a More Plural Europe” panel explores different political desires, concepts and perspectives that might shape an EU built on the mutual recognition of its people and regions.
Moderated by sociologist Aleksandra Lakic, the panel invites lawyer Anna Hankings-Evans, musician Rana Farahani, and writer and community organizer Clementine Ewokolo Burnley to examine the idea of Europe as one of internal pluralism by discussing the possibility of institutional reform. How can we find a way to collectively reshape Europe, and what are our prospects for the reconceptualization of citizenship itself? Hankings-Evans’ research focuses on international economic law, its power implication, geopolitics and postcolonial theories of justice. Rana Farahani is a musician researching populism and how the far-right has organized online, particularly in Austria. Clementine Ewokolo Burnley uses a decolonial, intersectional feminist framework to look at ideas of belonging, Brexit, and its relationship to literature. Meanwhile, sociologist and Democracy in Europe Movement (DIEM25) activist Lakic moderates, encouraging conversation around a possible union governed by and for the people.

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